Diets and Dieting


Episode 2: Diets and Dieting

If you are needing to diet, then this show is for you!  This is the episode in which we will discuss the following:

  1. An exciting announcement!
  2. Why do we need to diet?
  3. What types of diets are there anyway?
    1. Examples of diets
      1.  DASH diet (
      2.  Mediterranean Diet  (
      3.  Mayo Clinic  (
      4.  Weight Watchers  (
      5.  Jenny Craig  (
    2. Tips for Being on a Diet
      1. Inverted Pyramid Eating
      2. Importance of Breakfast
      3. Cheat Days, Yes or No?
      4. Portion Control
      5. Water, Water, Water!
      6. What if you fail a day (or a meal)?
      7. Sticking to the diet
    3. Choosing a Diet
      1. Consult your doctor!
      2. Do research!
      3. Choose what’s best for you!
    4. My personal choice and why I chose it!


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