Moving to a New Website and a New Podcast!

Over the last couple of months, life has thrown me some curveballs that I am trying to hit, but to be honest, I’m struggling to keep up.

I maintain two separate websites, two separate brands of me, so to speak: this site,, which is the site I use to work on my weight loss and share my journey with you to help encourage you in your weight loss journey and my other website / brand, (Dad To 2) which is more of a personal website showing all avenues of my life, from family to faith to my professional life to even my struggle with my journey to lose weight again.

And to be honest, with the upheaval in my professional life and other curveballs thrown at me, it’s been difficult, if not impossible to maintain everything necessary to keep the two separate and different brands / websites going.  So, I made the decision over the weekend that I needed to consolidate the two of them into a single site and shut down this site and move Big Man in Training over to my personal site.

With that said, I will be shutting down the Big Man in Training podcast, but, I will be starting a new podcast: Dad To 2.  So now, I will not only publish podcasts with information on diet and exercise and how to help with weight loss but I will also be  expanding this new podcast to include all of the other things that make me, me, including  IT and technology, family things, writing, suburban farming and chickens (yes, I did say chickens).  Doing this will make life easier for me and will allow me to have more material to talk about.

For all of you who have listened to me as the Big Man in Training, thank you.  Your encouragement has meant the world to me and I hope in return, you have been encouraged.  I wish to welcome you over to our family porch with me and my family and the chickens (and the cats, dogs and Skeeter the crested gecko) and pull up a chair and visit and have some tea or lemonade or whatever you prefer.  I’ll speak on many things and will welcome your comments and thoughts.

Again, thank you for your support and please head over to the Dad To 2 site and help me welcome in a new era for me: the Dad To 2 podcast!

The first episodes will be coming out in the next two weeks!


Eric Dickey

The Big Man in Training

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