Things to Do Before Starting Your Plan


We have our plans now for diet and exercise and we’re committed to the New Year New You goals that we’ve set for ourselves.  We’ve talked to our doctor and we are ready to jump in and get this thing going, right?  As Lee Corso says, “Not so fast, my friend!”.  We have some housekeeping to do first, then we can say we’re ready to move forward and get this party started!

One of the first things you’re going to want to do is weigh yourself and take measurements.  Now, you might be saying, “Wait a minute, why do I need to take measurements?  Isn’t weighing yourself enough?”  In my opinion, no.  You need to take measurements as well as weigh yourself before you begin.  You need a baseline measurement to judge against your progress.  So let’s begin.

First things first, weighing yourself.  What you weigh yourself on, what you wear when you weigh yourself, what time of day and all of that depends on you.  The one thing that you need to be is consistent.  Whatever you weigh yourself on, whatever you wear, whatever time of day you weigh yourself, and what day you weigh yourself, make that your weigh in routine from now on.  Me?  I will weigh in on a Monday morning, just after getting out of bed, without clothes.  To me it’s simply easier that way.  I normally weigh once a week.  I know it may be tempting to weigh yourself every day, and for the longest time, I did that, but after a while of not seeing the scale move, you will become discouraged and thoughts of quitting or trying something different will creep up.  So weigh in once a week.

Second thing you really need to do is to take measurements.  Here are the measurements that are recommended you should take:

  • Waist – measure your natural waistline
  • Hips – measure at the widest part of your glutes.
  • Chest – measure at the widest part around your chest (for women, widest part around your bust).
  • Abs – measure around the widest part of your torso, almost always around your bellybutton.
  • Arms – measure around the midpoint between the shoulder bone and the elbow of one arm.
  • Thighs – measure around the midpoint between the lower part of your glutes and the back of the knee.
  • Calves – Halfway between the knee and the ankle.

Now, you don’t have to take all of these measurements, but I would recommend that you at least take the waist, hips, chest, abs and thighs.  When you do measure, do so with your body relaxed, and again, just like when you weigh yourself, take your measurements in the same manner.  Wear the same clothing, or no clothing and do it on the same day and time each time.  I recommend taking measurements once every two weeks.  Feel free to print the image below to help you with the measurements.

Those are the main housekeeping items to do, again, in my opinion, before starting your program.  And remember that the scale may not always move one way or another even though the inches are coming off, but we’ll go more into detail on that in a later post and podcast.  So take those measurements and take your initial weight and log it!  Then let’s start that program up and get started on that New Year New You!

Have a healthy day!



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